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The complexity and breadth of skin disease is astonishing and poses a great challenge for the treating clinician. As Dermatopathologists, we examine skin architecture, cytomorphology and utilize complex laboratory testing - all at the cellular level - in order to classify and diagnose skin disease. Our goal is to increase understanding of each disease entity by offering a definitive diagnosis for the patient and useful information for the treating physician. The pursuit of Dermatopathology is our life's work - our passion. We are happy to offer our unique caseload and experience and hope that - through use of this website - you may increase your knowledge and exposure to the fascinating field of Dermatopathology.

-- Scott W. Binder, MD
    Pritzker Professor of Clinical Pathology and Dermatology
    Director, Dermatopathology
    UCLA Medical Center

At UCLA Medical Center, we review and diagnose a wide range of routine and complex Dermatopathology cases from hospital Physicians and community Dermatologists. In addition, Dr. Binder's international consultation practice offers a continual array of extremely complex, challenging and rare Dermatopathology cases. At DermOID, our goal is to showcase these instructive and complex cases in a rewarding and challenging environment. In addition, by offering the ability to customize individual tests and testing parameters, we hope DermOID will soon become your primary source for Dermatopathology information and review. We hope you enjoy our ever-expanding site and we thank you for your interest!

-- G. Peter Sarantopoulos, MD
    Associate Professor, Dermatopathology,
    UCLA Medical Center

Special Thanks: DermOID would like to thank the following for their hard work and enthusiasm

Leading Contributing Physicians: Albert Su MD, Bob Bernaba, MD, Dorina Gui, MD
Programming Team: Rosalia Jose (Project Manager), Khy Huang and the rest of the Ctrl Team

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